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NHL 12 Development Team Has A Brain Afterall

The very first encouraging piece of news regarding the changes being made to goalies came to my attention today.  One of the touted new features for NHL 12 is the ability for goalies to fight.  As soon as I read this in the original features release it sent off alarms bells.  Anyone who has played NHL 11/10/09 Online Team Play (OTP) mode knows that the ice sheet if full of immature idiot griefers hiding behind their internet gaming anonymiity to cause strife.  I was deathly afraid that every OTP game next year would turn into how quickly can two human goalies get to center ice to drop em?  Apparently the team at EA indeed has a brain despite not listening to many of our other concerns over the past three years regarding the need for fixes to the title.

Fresh off of a community event Jason aka TNA Equalizer has some good information on goalie play.  Two things in a very good post really stood out.  

I entered the event with skepticism stemming from some issues I would consistently see when playing NHL 11 and seeing frustrating AI goalie occurrences. Let me say now that I was pleasantly caught off-guard with some of the new improvements to goalies for NHL 12

I hope this is true.  Goalie AI has been the single most frustrating thing for me in NHL 11.  The decisions made by every single netminder to not use the posts and sit far too high in the crease have had me enraged numerous times this year.  There is also some good info in his post about there being different styles of AI goalie and some actual vulnerability to well placed medium range shots.  More importantly this statement put some of my fears regarding goalie fights to bed.

There are those of you curious out there about the goalie fight experience. The first question I had was regarding OTP and the concern that it would turn into a case of opening faceoff and insta-goalie fight. Rest assured the NHL team had thought this situation over and it appears that goalie fights will not be allowed in OTP. There will not be computer versus computer goalie fights as well. Now if you manage to get a goalie fight going in club, you’re right wing will serve the 5 minute penalty for your goalie. This was one feature I was skeptical about seeing and I’m happy to say the development team is going in the right direction in implementing it. 

All I can say is thank god EA isn’t as stupid as I thought.  Despite ignoring concerns for balanced game play for three years they are at least implementing this feature with some common sense.  People tend to care about club a whole lot more than the simple pick up game in OTP.  I know that our team wouldn’t engage in something like this unless it was late in the third period of a laugher one way or the other.

TNA Equalizer touches on the goalie contact/interference but my biggest question, can I run my own goalie on accident, is still outstanding.  Given I cannot check my own teammates I continue to assume this is a no but EA has done dumber stuff.

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June 3, 2011 at 4:52 PM

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