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More NHL 12 Goalie Stuff

So ever since the first blurbs about the upcoming NHL 12  feature additions hit the internet my EASHL club has scrambling to see if our concerns will be addressed and what the new changes might mean to the way we currently play the game.  My right winger brought some information to me that merits repeating.

Goalie V-H Technique – what does V-H stand for? Well I’m glad you asked.  It stands for vertical-horizontal.  It is a technique used by goalies similar to the hug post.  Goalie V-H is something you see many NHL goalies do throughout the game but something we’ve been missing in the title.  The purpose of this technique is to put goalies in better position for passes behind the goal line and also allows for them to more easily push off the post into butterfly.  How does this affect your goalie in NHL 12? From the goalie V-H, you will be able to make saves, poke check, and cover the puck.  You will also be able to push off the post from this stance and right into butterfly or into the desperation saves. 

This means that EA has at least recognized that the goalies have taken terrible angles all year and they are very weak when drug from center to a post as they rarely hug it.   Now lets see if they address the fact that goalies are also often way to high in the crease when traffic is huge or the play has gone low.

Goalies are LIVE – Yes, you read correctly.  Skating hard to the net, players will have the ability to crash the crease, jostle for position in the crease, bump or even run the goalie over.  Don’t worry though goalies, we will call goalie interference penalties.  Have a pest in front of your net that you want to clear out?   We got you covered.  Goalies can shove back this year.  Both AI goalies and user goalies can and will clear out the front of their nets.  For AI goalies, it will be based on their ratings, and for user goalies we will give you a button.

I am still wondering two things here.  First what are the criteria for goalie interference being called?  Hell NHL officials cannot get it right half the time.  Secondly, and most important to me as a stay at home Dman who’s job is to clear the net front, can I run my own goalie.  I mean I am used to my contact pushing my net minder a little but will I actually be able to knock him down as I push to the net hard to get back?  Currently you can’t knock down your fellow skaters so my hope is that this continues to translate to my goalie.

Oh and if you are looking to challenge us we just migrated to our summer team on Xbox.  You can find us here.  Our standing scheduled club night is Thursdays.  We are likely sitting down to play as this posted.  Really want to challenge us?  Message me on Xbox Live – Gamertag:  Ozman51 or hit me up on Twitter.

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June 2, 2011 at 6:00 PM

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