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Campbell Stepping Down as Discipline Czar

Somewhere Joe Hallenbeck is dancing a jig.  The butt of every joke and the focus of every hockey fan’s ire with the total lack of consistency in NHL discipline is stepping down.  I caught it via Twitter moments ago that NHL VP Colin Campbell is relinquishing his role as Wheel of Morality spinner to Brendan Shanahan.  Campbell is not relinquishing his position as VP of Hockey Operations, just the role of lack of justice dealer.

The NHL seriously just put a bullseye on its back next year regarding discipline.  Will Shanny bring in a clear and understandable standard for discipline?  If he doesn’t his reputation will quickly go right down into the same cesspool where Campbell’s current is with the fans.

There are several things Shanahan must do in order to win me over that this is not just more of the same old BS.

  1. Apply a standard that is even to all regardless of the name on the back or letter on the front of the sweater
  2. Once that standard is set there must be no hesitation to hold everyone to it.
  3. Playoffs must be a non-factor regarding the handing out of discipline.
  4. Actions and to a lesser extent intent, not result must determine the discipline given.
  5. He must be willing to make people prior offenders.  That must cease being the cop-out.
That is by no means a complete list but it does sum up most of my problems with Campbell with a very broad brush.  2011-12 will be an interesting year.  Hopefully the next time Mike Richards goes head hunting it is dealt with in the same manner and with the same ferocity as when Matt Cooke does it.
I still think a multi-member independent panel should decide these things but I hope this is a step in the right direction.

Written by ozman51

June 1, 2011 at 11:40 AM

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