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NHL 12 Release Date and More Thoughts

NHL 12 will hit store shelves on 9.13.11  According to EA’s Features’s Whiteboard you can expect the following:

Full Contact Physics Engine
– Shatter the glass with bone-crushing hits along the boards
– Knock rivals over the boards and into the bench
– Significantly impact the play of the goalie with screens and collisions

Be a Pro Revamped
-nothing revealing in their teaser paragraph apart from you will earn every shift, if you play BaP that way

– Play in the Winter Classic – The NHL package jumps to life with the addition of the NHL Winter Classic, the league’s premier outdoor hockey event on New Year’s Day. Play under snowfall at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field as 70,000+ rabid fans provide inspiration by cheering you on while donning Winter Classic gear.

– Says more info coming soon

All-New Dynamic Goalies
– All-New Dynamic Goalie Interaction – Stonewall opponents with awe-inspiring desperation saves from your goalie as he covers every possible angle and works through screens and flying players in front of the net.

All-New Goalie Fights
– Goalies Drop the Gloves – When the action boils over, send a message by leaving the net, dropping the gloves, and trading punches with a heated rival during fights.

There is also some a blank space for HUT which I couldn’t care less about and a space for Online Communities which is also blank. Lets hope they mean more than what they currently offer in terms of online organization. Would be nice to be able to solicit legit teams for and play in a custom league instead of contending with every glitch team out there and having to screen each opponent via EASports World.

I remain the most apprehensive about the griefer potential of Goalie Fight abuse and I still have an outstanding question as to if a defenseman can run his own goalie as I think it will further reduce the number of willing defensemen if it they can take out their own net minder on accident while rushing to the crease on D.  We will have to see if broken glass / hit into the bench happens too often before we judge. I’ll be mad if a lot of legit chances go by the boards because the glass is breaking four times a game.   I’ll have to see  “cover every angle” means the AI netminders will actually hug a post here and there and take away the breakaway backhander, before I believe it.

Written by ozman51

May 31, 2011 at 9:23 AM

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