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Adams Wants a BIG Raise – Negotiations on Hold

My #1 priority for the Penguins this offseason was to resign Craig Adams followed by Mike Rupp.  I was taken back a little last week when I learned negotiations had not started with the Adams camp.  Now we might know the reason.  According to the PPG, Adams is looking for a raise a, big one.

According to Shelly Anderson discussions with Adams are on hold, but not broken off.  Adams made $550k last season, barely above the league minimum and was arguably the linchpin for the NHL’s best PK unit.  I’d be asking for more money too.    The pay increase is something the Penguins simply cannot commit to right now because they are already up against the existing cap of $59.4 million.  That ceiling is supposed to rise, but by how much and when it will be made official is the question.

The Penguins only have $3,687,500 in cap room against the current cap but the projected increase will put the cap between $60.5 – $63.5 million and give GM Ray Shero an additional $1.1 – $4.1 millionto work with.  With the news that Alexi Kovalev and Mike Comrie will not be pursued and will not be Penguins next season that means the Penguins are working with 8 UFA forwards including Adams up until July 1st when Free Agency begins.

Shero and the Adams camp are likely both sitting pat waiting for the cap figure for next season to be finalized before doing anything.  Adams is worth more than $550K simply for what he does on PK and his absolute commit level.  Shero simply can’t offer him anything in his desired range until he knows how much wiggle room he has under the cap.  I honestly can’t blame Adams for looking for a payday.  It’s the same way I felt about Rob Scuderi.  Rupp made $825k last year and even Godard made $750k.   There is also the outside possibility that Adams wants a two-year deal and at 35 the Pens are reluctant to give it, but as a GM I would.  Given the knowledge that Adams is not likely giving a hometown discount I would not be surprised to see him hit the open market in July, no matter how bad I wanted to buy his jersey this summer.

It would be a tragedy if he was a cap casualty.   His PK and shot blocking abilities were essential to this team’s success down the stretch this year.  His value is not in doubt just like many Penguins’ UFAs after the ’09 Cup.

Written by ozman51

May 28, 2011 at 12:01 AM

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