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Why Even Play Another Series?

If you ask some hockey experts tonight we should just hand the Stanley Cup to the Vancouver Canucks.  After defeating the San Jose Sharks to win the Western Conference title and advancing to the Stanley Cup final on, without a doubt, the oddest goal I’ve ever seen (watch the replay above).  I’ve seen nothing but the absolute discounting of any potential east challenger by far too many Canadian hockey experts and some hockey fans.   According to @DarrenDreger it’s simply “Vancouver’s year”.  Some fans squawking at me on Twitter are already convinced that neither Boston nor Tampa Bay has a chance in hell against Vancouver.

We should just carve their names into the cup right now.

Why even play the games then?  

Here’s why, because no one can predict the future.  No one can predict what a team of players who has never been on that stage for the most part will do.  No one knows which Roberto Luongo is going to show up.  These are what we like to call variables.

What happened to everyone’s favorite logic of you have to lose to win?  The Lightning, if they can win the East actually have some players on their roster with a ring on their hands.  All of the sudden the been there before logic doesn’t matter.  Why is that?  Is it because a Canadian team is in the final?  Maybe.  All I know is that you are nieve if you are willing to crown Vancouver right now.  We make predictionscalls, guesses but even I am not flat out arrogant enough to say write it down in any form on who is going to win the Cup Final when one of the opponents isn’t even determined yet.  If you are that much of an oracle, I’d like tomorrow’s lottery numbers please.

One other thing that has me stumped is why so many Pittsburgh fans like Vancouver.  What’s the attraction beyond liking one Pavel Bure?  Liking a single player has never made me a default fan of their team.  I revere Bobby Orr & Nicklas Lidstrom (he wasn’t the one who caused the handshake stir) but I don’t care much for the B’s and I hate the Wings.  On top of that the Canucks came into Consol Energy Center this past fall, got beat, and the proceeded to speak about how unimpressed they were with the Penguins and how that should have won.  That tone of arrogance is something I pick up all over the place especially from Roberto Luongo who has a habit of saying he’s not impressed with the other team after they just penciled another tick in his loss column. I’d relish watching him implode in a Cup Final.

Anyone know why you guys dig the Nucks?  Please leave it in the comments.  However please don’t leave anything like I like the Green Men or it’d be great for their fans after waiting so long.  That last line of poor logic works for Flyers fans too and I don’t see many Penguins supporters lining up to get on that playoff bandwagon.

Imagine if Vancouver had advanced to the Cup Final off of a goal that hit the mesh instead of the stanchion.  A goal can not be reviewed on the basis of it being played off of the mesh.  NHL will fix that rule in the offseason.  You can write it down.

Written by ozman51

May 25, 2011 at 12:28 AM

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