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I’ll Say It Again, Atlanta IS Moving. Write It Down.

Believe it or not after the Globe & Mail reported and then Nick Kypreos and Sportscenter confirmed it, there are people that still think the deal for Atlanta to relocate to Winnipeg isn’t going to happen.  Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger said yesterday that Tuesday would “be an interesting day“.    Now news comes out that the Manitoba Moose of the AHL are relocating to St. John’s Newfoundland.   The AHL Moose currently play in the MTS Centre which would be the home of a NHL team moving to Winnipeg.   The Moose are a very successful, winning AHL team.  The only reason on god’s green earth for them to make this sort of move is to free the building up.  I hope you can do the math from there.

Also of note is that as soon as I began to believe that The Peg was going to inherit the Thrashers I started looking for a Home Thrashers jersey that I could customize for my wife.  No one has any.  Thrashers stuff is selling out quickly and apparently not being restocked.

It would be stunning to me at this point if the move didn’t happen.  The NHL has not gone out and controlled any sort of message on this the way they have done in Phoenix.  There has not been the river of denials or statements to the contrary from The Office of the Commissioner.

Note:  St John’s is not St. John, New Brunswick where the QMJHL Champsion Sea Dogs play.  Different cities, often confused.


Written by ozman51

May 21, 2011 at 11:21 AM

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