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Boobs on the Glass Isn’t All That Funny

Imagine you are a dad five rows back and you see this with your young children. How would you feel?

I’ve given this a lot of thought.  Ever since hearing about a female fan pressing her bare breasts against the penalty box glass late in Game 2 of the West Finals, to the delight of Ben Eager, I’ve been torn on as to if I should joke or chastise.  I’ve come down in favor of the latter and for one simple reason:  I’m a father of two young boys.  I had to sit and think what if I were there.  Well If it were me and just me in the stands I probably would have had a laugh.  However I really don’t think that way anymore.  I think about what if we were there.  We meaning my family.

Look I got bent last summer when Lady Gaga decided to parade herself around the stands of a Mets game in just her bra and panties.  I was the leader of the lynch mob in my circle of friends.  Sure I am all about free speech as a strict defender of the Constitution, but look at the back of your tickets please.  By entering the venue of your chosen sporting team as a ticket holder you are consenting to adhere to certain guidelines.  I am sure that Lady Gaga as well as this flashing Canucks fan were both under the umbrella of such agreements that include consideration for other fans, words about a family environment and decency.

The Mets didn’t do the right thing.  They simply moved Lady Gaga to a private box and out of Jerry Seinfeld’s seats so that she could continue to be outlandish, just not in direct public view.  She should have been ejected and banned for some time from Mets games.  Honestly that was the Canucks obligation here.  The should have immediately gone down to the seats, removed the woman, and then banned her from Canucks games for at least some period into the future.   I say all of this as a father.  Hockey like all other sporting events should be family atmosphere.  I won’t stand for the belligerent fan yelling obscenities behind my two impressionable sons and the penalty box glass is no different.  What The Green Men do is funny.  They aren’t causing harm to anything except their own dignity.  This isn’t a bar at 2am or the crowd at a Foo Fighters concert.  There were young kids there.

When I took my kids to see Transformers 2 I was furious as we walked out of the theater.  There were so many things that were inappropriate in that film for children, after a preceeding film that offered some barrier of family friendliness, that I felt duped by the director and producers after watching the sequel.  I know that the Canucks cannot predict the future behavior of fans but they could certainly set and example that the behavior of this woman will not be tolerated by making a very harsh example of her.  Other endowed guests would likely think twice about replicating her performance.

However inaction from the franchise and the league means I might actually have to become very concerned when Versus/NBC/TSN/CBC pans to the penalty box and my kids are watching at home.  This is just the type of thing that will get copy-catted quickly because there was zero negative consequence for the action.

The Canucks obviously have a perfect attendance record at the Colin Campbell Institute of How To Handle Stuff.

Written by ozman51

May 20, 2011 at 6:00 PM

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